WiseRep - new generation CRM

WiseRep is an innovative solution for client relations management, geared to transform customer experience, loyalty and satisfaction.


WiseRep is a perfect solution for producers and distributors of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, infant food, cosmetics and other companies with an extensive team of reps to manage..

WiseRep is a system which enables you to create a custom structure for your company by assigning specific users with designated level access rights to provide effective resource management plus complete and total control over the your internal procedures.

With WiseRep, you can easily build a marketing strategy by specifying the target group for each area of activity.

With the use of our approval protocols you can implement a marketing strategy applying business practices applicable to your company.

Our CRM allows you to create tasks for your sale representatives, determine visit structure and flexibly prioritize between created tasks period.

Have the ability to analyze the data and metrics that are important to you in Real time.

WiseRep gives you flexibility which allows reps to work with target groups and marketing plans defined by managers.

That guarantees maximum accuracy of the data provided by a rep for its further analysis, auditing and operational oversight.

Reports are generated automatically, allowing a rep to spend more time selling, not working on a report.

WiseRep is easily scalable system with near effortless customization.

The system is integrated with Google maps that provides the access to the unified address database and also allows the personalization process of using the maps.

The iPad application works both online and offline, for your sale reps to continue selling anytime, anywhere.

Fully secured connection and access verification systems make our system completely secure and inaccessible to hackers.

And further, use of client’s server secures the data safety and integrity.

How it works?

The system is comprised of two main modules; a “Brain center” and a “Representative”.

“Brain center” module

This unit is a web application placed on a company’s server and is focused on the executive staff performance including the board of directors and senior managerial staff, field force managers, marketing managers and marketers, inspectors and compliance managers, personnel officers, etc.

Our module can be used to implement the multitude of tasks, among them:

  • Setting up the users with shared permission and responsibilities
  • Storage and processing of customer databases
  • Creation and assignment of the tasks for reps
  • Creation of visually-assisted marketing presentations applying visual data and video for their subsequent demonstration in mobile applications
  • Acquisition, storage and analysis of data on recent visits made
  • Flexible report generator with the function of saving a report in any generally used format as well as to save report templates
  • Approval protocols

How it works?

To attain a company’s short- and long-term objectives, a vast number of possibilities en masse with the functionality of the module are designed to guide the representatives’ operation and its analysis (processing).

In the given module managerial staff of a company can create a “Job deck” including a target group, territorial division, marketing plan, distinguished fields to analyze, etc. and then transmit the pack created to the “Representative” module.

“Representative” module

Currently “Representative” module is running under iOS via iPad tablet. This is the primary tool of sales representatives’ operation of your company. The interface of our module is truly simple and intuitive. For Reps it allows the receipt of either a task or promo materials and for employees to schedule their task for a day, a week or any period of time. Make a presentation showing the slides and video files or comment on a visit made. The “visit” framework - recording of all facts about a visit such as place, time, frequency, etc - are created by the Brain centers & Representative module.

How it works?

WiseRep advantages:

  • You can refine the system by creating users with different level access rights that you determine. Among them administrator, manager, marketing manager, inspector and Rep, it's up to you.
  • It offers an opportunity to create marketing plans applying pictures, video as well as whole functionality of html5 in order to be further shown to clients.
  • One can set a task for the representatives drawing the target groups and the visit’s framework by the categories of clients and flexibly prioritize between the set tasks.
  • It allows true analysis, metrics and accountability by comparing it to actual operational results.
  • Custom reports or templates offer various views on data available after completion of a project, task or assignment.

How it works?

WiseRep advantages:

  • It delivers a full scope of possible report customizations with large amounts of information to analyze.
  • It simplifies and nearly eliminates the efforts of a representative to draw up a report.
  • Every employee can master with ease the intuitive interface of WiseRep.
  • It helps to identify weaknesses (weak-links, vulnerabilities) and eliminate them.
  • It provides the opportunity to use interactive presentations and thereby save on the printed output.
  • Google maps integration gives access to the unified address database.
  • The system works both online and offline.

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